3D animation for Makro Czech Gastro Fest 2023 gala evening - 40x6 metres widescreen projection

Aftermovie CARTEC

Videoclip Soustrast

Promo  SŠIS

2D animation - Eleway

Promo iPodnik

Interview Lerika

  1. Your expectations

  2. Consultation of options

  3. Technical specifications

  4. Script and storyboard development

  5. Selection of locations

  6. Third-party services (actors, dubbers, make-up artists...)

  7. Filming

  8. Post-production (editing, colour correction, animation, underscoring, motions, voiceover...)

  9. Rendering and mastering in required formats

We use DaVinci Resolve, Grass Valley Edius, Sony Vegas, Adobe products, Cinema 4D and more

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